Driving is universal, yet every country has its own amusing, perplexing, strange, and quirky driving laws, and America is no exception. Below, please indulge yourself in eyebrow-raising and, in some cases, chuckling a little. Enjoy and have fun.

1. Studying for a driving written exam isn’t fun. Here are some little-known laws that won’t appear on a test but are worth a smile or two.  

2. You want to buy a new car on Sunday? Forget about car shopping in Maine or Indiana. Car sales on a Sunday are illegal. In Michigan, car dealers have Sundays off in towns with more than 130,000 people. 

3. Be wary when parking in Lincoln, IL. If your car is parked 12 inches from the curb, you’re a candidate for a ticket.

4. Itching to get a driver’s licence? If you live in South Dakota and are at least 14 years old, you can get a license (after passing the appropriate test, of course).

5. If your car is missing a steering wheel, then stay clear of Decatur. It’s against the law to drive a car without a steering wheel.

6. In Texas, you must have windshield wipers installed prior to registering your car. However, they said the car does not have to have a windshield. 

7. Animals count in Florida. If you have a goat, elephant, or alligator tied to a parking meter, you can’t skip out on feeding the meter. 

8. In Nebraska, there are driving laws regarding mountains. There’s only one problem. There are no mountains in the entire state!

9. Forward, please. In the sunny state of Arizona, it’s illegal to drive in reverse when on a public road.

10. Keep that comic book in the bag when driving in Oklahoma. If you’re caught reading and driving, expect a ticket.

11. Lost in the wilds of Wyoming? Don’t forget to close any gates across streams, rivers, or ditches. Failing to close a gate will cost you $750.(Bonus chuckle)

This list should have left you perplexed and laughing at the same time. Sometimes, reality is stranger than fiction.

Note: This blog post is part of a blog project. It’s like the idea of sister cities. For example, the city of Fort Worth, Texas is a sister city to Nimes in France, the Mexican city of Toluca, and Budapest, the Capital of Hungary. The sister blog of [Guin Capra] in America is Royalty Ark, based in South Africa.

We strive to write and publish posts about each other’s countries that entertain, inform, have fun, and show off each other’s quirky sides of our countries.

Thanks for reading! Look out for more quirky something, something in the future…