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The inspiration came after working in the Banking Industry for 10 years in the Sales & Marketing Division, having a short stint in Auditing and in Education as well.

I observed how young promising upwardly mobile fully qualified professionals would fuss, struggle, stress, on how to balance their cheques books “with the month longer at the end the money”. Today is no different;

They failed dismally to:

  • Meet their monthly obligations on time
  • Would borrow “Peter to pay Paul” just to stretch it until the end of the month
  • Living from paycheck to paycheck, from one credit card to another, making use of personal loans, just so that the money stretches until the end of the month; only to go through the same pain and only to repeat the cycle all over again. It was the entrapment in a hamster wheel with no easy way out.

This caused so much inner turmoil, unnecessary stress, and tension amongst colleagues, siblings, and family members, not to mention debt collectors who would threaten their lives if they did not pay immediately. the panic, the worry, and the stress deepened and caused all kinds of dis-ease that you can imagine.

Thus the journey began when “The Myths and Misconceptions About Money from the African Sky: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to reaching Financial Wellbeing” book was published on Amazon in 2020 to offer a solution that would assist and guide financially struggling consumers to reach their own conclusion in customizing their very own solution.

Since then Self-Help Workbooks and Journals have been added to the collection to assist and contribute not only in achieving financial freedom but at least to explore holistic life principles, values, and financial well-being as a start.


getting back up after a storm
Working together to achieve more


The main purpose of this website is to educate, empower, relieve stress, simplify and reassure the audience that they are not alone, taming financial chaos is still possible and still within their reach.

“It seems impossible until it is done” – Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

They can recharge their lives by realigning their goals and achieve financial well-being truly on their own terms with balance, harmony, prosperity, and abundance which we fully dedicate and support with our work.

Our website is full of amazingly simple-to-understand content that is geared to help, guide, and empower our audience to enlighten their journey, to reach a fulfilled, peaceful destiny in a simplified manner.

Lao Tzu said, A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step at a time.

Zinzi is the Founder of Zealous Royalty Ark, a fun-loving free-spirited soul who loves and admires simple things in life such as listening to birds chirping, walking in nature, watching magical sunsets in summer, and planting her own garden.

She loves reading, writing, and creating content. When she is not busy, she enjoys Rythym and Blues (RMB) tunes and Jazz chilling with a few intimate friends over a glass of wine.


All the best!


Peace, Love!

Signing out,