common insurance mistakes

5 Common Insurance Mistakes You Should Avoid

Introduction Insurance is super important! If you don’t have insurance, you’re making a big mistake. It’s crucial to have enough coverage to meet both your financial and lifestyle needs and protect yourself. When it comes to insurance, avoiding certain mistakes can save you from financial and emotional distress down the line. First and foremost, failing […]

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Stressed out cannot sleep

I am over-indebted- What are my options?

Dealing with over-indebtedness Debt can create a snowball effect that generates even more debt. When debt repayment pressure becomes too much to handle and you cannot meet all your monthly obligations, you are officially classified as “over-indebted.” Let us take an example: Say you earn R20,000 per month, but your expenses and debt repayments add […]

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Excessive debt

Top 7 Causes of Excessive Personal Debt

Excessive debt is the most common source of concern for most people, particularly Baby Boomers, not forgetting the millenia who are trapped in millions of Rands (dollars) of debt and unable to escape, forcing them to work in their later years when they should be retiring or nearing retirement. This also affects young professionals who […]

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