Debt Consolidation may be a solution to a short-term problem, however, make sure that you do thorough research before plunging yourself into a serious hole that you would not be able to get out of it.

Poor credit rating is the cause

If you have poor credit and are looking for ways to consolidate your debt, you may be in for a small challenge before you can get a handle on your financial situation. There is a chance that you are already facing the reality of poor credit health if your loan payments are delinquent or you are overwhelmed with debt.

Though your credit rating may have been quite good at one point, a difference in your circumstances may have affected your financial situation and allowed you to fall behind. As a result, you may have found yourself labeled with a poor credit rating by either banks or financial credit service providers (lenders).

What are my loan options, then?

Finding a loan with a reasonable rate may be difficult to scrape through. If you are one of the many that are drowning in debt, finding that lifesaver called debt consolidation may elude you because of your poor credit rating. If even making your minimum monthly payments has you struggling, then debt consolidation may be one way to handle your payment problems.

Credit card consolidation is one solution to getting a grip on your financial hardship. Combining several high-rate cards into one low-rate card is one way to consolidate credit card debt, though it may be difficult to find a lower-rate card if you have a poor credit score.

Consolidate into one basket

A manageable consolidation loan may be another option. However, be aware of over-extending yourself just to overcome short-term financial hardship. Due diligence and vigilance are essential when it comes to debt consolidation because your poor credit could make the situation worse.

Many options are available to consolidate debt, even if your credit rating is less than optimal. Legitimate ways include using a home equity or your vehicle as collateral if needed, but that should be the last resort.

Watch for the sneaky types (if it sounds too good to be true, most probably it is, and walk away from the situation very quickly) who derive great satisfaction on preying on consumers with credit problems. These unscrupulous dealers are opportunity seekers who see bad credit as good fortune for themselves.

These “scavengers” look for people that are dealing with poor credit because they realize that big lenders will turn away people with bad credit and turn around charge you an arm and leg thus making your situation far much worse than when you started, so tread carefully.

Rather, consider cutting certain expenses (go back and do your budget) or negotiate with your credit service provider (lender) to extend the period or reduce the interest rate (mostly highly unlikely in tough times, but it does no harm to try rather than give up without a fight). Remember, they (banks/credit providers) would do anything to keep you as a client instead of throwing you out and losing you to the vultures.

A person with a poor credit rating is often desperate, and these dishonorable financial scavengers can lead their victims to a financial hazard. There is a possibility that you will be able to find a favorable unsecured loan that allows you to consolidate several debts into one payment plan.

Take it upon yourself to read the fine print of the loan agreement and understand completely what is contained in the contract that you are signing before plunging into more debt. We understand that when times are tough, it is during those tough times that the tough people survive, not the conditions (circumstances).


An advantage of an unsecured loan in your debt consolidation plan is that your valuable property will not be impacted by your loan. When difficult times have hit you, a debt consolidation loan can help to improve your financial situation.

Understand that debt consolidation may be difficult for those with poor credit. Therefore it is especially important to choose a consolidation loan or program very carefully and be sure you know what you are signing for before you sign your life away.

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