Managing your personal finances

The Roadmap to financial wellbeing & Freedom- Budgeting

“A budget is telling your money where to go; instead of wondering where it went”- John C. Maxwell. He is a phenomenal leadership guru who could not have said it better, the budget never leaves you wondering what happened or you try to figure it out what happened, however this road map to financial wellbeing & freedom – budgeting is the answer to our financial problems and there is no way around it or no way to avoid it, if you are serious about improving your financial well being. Today, I will be showing you how to appreciate this wonderful tool and what it can do for you to achieve your own financial freedom.

Measuring self worth vs net worth, which one matters most to you? Can you atleast recognize the true inner value of self?

Let us just agree that money is just a form of exchange to participate in the money game to be comfortable and lessen the financial burden(stress) that comes with the territory; However we must define for ourselves what exactly is true financial freedom, is it measured by the digits in our bank account or can we at least recognise that, true inner self -worth vs net worth that we place on ourselves which matter most to you, has more meaning than material things.

This is a journey, you cannot give up, now

See how your “past strongholds”hold a key preview to your future…

How our “past strong holds” eventually landed us with “negative messages” reigning & living in our mind, is the question we will explore in this post. We will revisit & understand the past, because for us to move forward, we need to review what went wrong(not in a judgemental fashion); so that we can re-programme our new messaging which will help start working on our mind, then to begin speaking positive words, that would lead to a new learnt  behaviour and this my friend is a journey, and like anything worthwhile it takes time and is not a quick fix. Let us take a journey from my own personal financial rear view mirror(past).

Managing personal finances

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Hello everyone and welcome to Royalty Ark, the simple, seamless, sophisticated, comfortable & empowering home for Managing Personal Finances which has been a passion of mine, since I have worked & spent 12 years in the various banks within the financial sector. I have experienced & observed it over and over again, how my peers, colleagues, and customers would really struggle to make ends meet and find that “the month was longer than the money”  and this would lead to their credit profile(score)) being not worthy on the paper it is written on, they quickly realised that they have borrowed up to their eyeballs from family, financial institutions and microlenders.