Save me today for I will take care of yout tomorrow

Savings & investing – secure your goals, dreams and your future

Saving and Investing assume a significant job to verify your goals, your fantasies, and your future. For what reason do we have to save at that point, so we’re stating when you’re wandering off in fantasy land about your future, do remember that those fantasies, objectives require cash; so the inquiry is, what is the distinction among savings and investment, they are generally utilized conversely however there is a slight relationship.

In any case, the thing that matters is in the goal-setting (regardless of whether it is for present moment or long term) that is, the means by which before long do you need access to the assets, so savings relates taking care of cash for a short term need, for example, holiday, savings for a vehicle, crisis day support.

Investing, I consider it the eighth miracle of the world(compound interest) for that when you have made that backup stash, you would then be able to cause it to become considerably further by putting resources into longer-term instruments that I will walk you through in this post. The following question will be, so where will that cash originate from? The lottery isn’t the correct answer, hello a few of us are not fortunate, where some lost relative left us with some tremendous inheritance; we need to work. Good karma in the event that you have won the Lottery(hope and pray that you have used and saved it wisely). At last, everything begins with little commonsense strides with minimal meaningful social changes moving from wasteful to frugal(but not cheap).

Lao Tzu said “A journey of a 1000 miles, begins with one baby step at a time. I have added to it “that it opens up a new understanding, clarity, and following one’s Life meaning when you are deliberate about it”- Zinzi Mdedetyana

We as a whole long for a superior and extraordinary life for ourselves and our friends and family, one or later dependent on what we wish, we need, and we envision our future to be. We ought to likewise manage at the top of the priority list that, with regards to your cash, in spite of the fact that you live in the present(now), the spotlight ought to likewise be not on how your cash can meet your immediate needs, however, can likewise extend enough to concentrate on the future(dreams and objectives) guaranteeing that some of it, is taken care of today so it can work and deal with you tomorrow.

Pay yourself first

It is likewise essential to take note of that you should pay yourself first, before paying(sharing) your well-deserved cash with others, so that there’s in every case enough to take care of you when you truly need it; it serves you as it should. Take it like a paid ahead of time investment(paying -it- forward before you need cash) that would see your cash grow and that will assist you with achieving your objectives, dreams and your future. What are we discussing, I will show to you that savings and investment are being smart about how to spend your well-deserved cash carefully. When we don’t save or contribute, we are essentially “looting and taking from our future” and that my friend is the worst crime we can ever commit to ourselves and our dearest ones.

What are your goals(needs you may spare and contribute for) – various strokes for various people

  • Would you like to possess your very own home or vehicle, how much will it cost you, remembering that the bigger the vehicle or home, the most costly, recollect needs versus needs
  • What sort of training do you need for your youngsters and maybe the improvement of your own? What will it cost you, taking into account that education is the best investment(gift) that you can provide for your youngsters and yourself?
  • What sort of monetary secure way of life after retirement do you need, as I am sure that you might want it, to be, practical, and not depend on paltry government benefits or live off your relatives and become a burden?
  • You can’t generally know ahead of time when will you need that additional cash, particularly during unplanned spontaneous events( all of a sudden youngsters becoming ill, major event ) and Life stages(ages and stages) that occasionally loses us when we were didn’t see it coming, so by making an additional cushion (backup stash) to pad the effect that “appear” to happen randomly; so what might it cost you to endure the intense occasions, until you get back on your feet.
  • Have you longed for taking a fantasy holiday one day to Europe or USA before you kick the bucket(before you bite the dust) and how much will this vacation cost (set you back)

I believe that now you will understand that it is critical to put something aside for your future, long haul plans for you and your family(loved ones), for the way of life you need for yourself(after retirement) and spontaneous unexpected occasions – a rainy day account

Savings and Investment vehicles(list not exhaustive)

  • Moneybox(Mattress or shoebox or piggy)
  • Reserve funds club
  • Bank account
  • Stokvel
  • Tax-exempt bank account
  • Notice deposit(32 days, 7 days notice account)
  • Call account
  • Fixed savings account
  • Government Bonds
  • Unit trusts
  • Shares
  • Bonds
  • Retirement Annuities(RA)
  • Pension Fund & Provident fund


Step by step instructions to spare – 17 down to earth groundbreaking saving tips you can begin utilizing Today

  • Make savings fun: to make a fun challenge inside relatives or companions to prop the energy up and lasting(stick to it)
  • Investigate saving money on bank charges and insurance – continue looking into the amount it costs you, to have and keep the bank account you hold and insurance(contract terms and conditions)
  • Purchase what you need:- plan and just purchase food that you truly to keep away from wastage
  • Purchase in bulk over the long term, particularly products with a long timeframe of realistic usabilities like bathroom tissue, washing powder, and dishwashing fluid
  • Abstain from buying takeaways:- what amount would you spare on the off chance that you prepared food at home and furthermore consider planning crisp fixings that will improve your way of life as you can control the two expenses and what goes into your body
  • Take lunchbox to work:- take extra leftovers to work and this will help keep away from pointless spending and powers you to be reasonable about your cash and assists with your needs. Give me a chance to enable you to understand what I mean, suppose you spent through R30,00 for a plate of pap and meat at Tshesanyama or KFC streetwise 2 consistently, that attempts to R150,00 every week, went through more than 49 weeks works out to R7350,00 that you will save by bringing a lunchbox to work each day. Bode well, so organize your ways of managing money.
  • Eat before you go out for shopping:- this goes for youngsters as well, just as grown-ups on the grounds that you spend more cash when you’re hungry(to fill the void) rather than when you’re full you will, in general, be increasingly cautious.
  • Make a shopping list of the necessary things and stick to it, regardless of whether there are continuous specials(if it isn’t on the list) disregard or maintain a strategic distance from it, move directly along
  • Look at costs:- we live in a web age (data is unlimited accessible) so it has made our lives simpler to think about and save time, for example, update and audit needs(cellphone bundles), where and when to shop (toward the month’s end the food costs goes up than throughout the month)
  • Try not to be a caught up with retail treatment:- it has its great and terrible ways; delay the immediate(instant gratification) by buying on motivation, set aside effort to do look into, analyze costs or things, read surveys of what other individuals think about the utilization of the things, consider every single accessible options before parting away with your well deserved money about a buy particularly first-class things, for example, extravagant vehicle, costly furnishings, most stylish trend prevailing fashion, stop being a design victim; be a smart financial victor
  • Use power sparingly:– switch off lights in rooms that are not being used, so it goes for the equipment too – save electricity so that it endures longer, uses light bulbs that are energy efficient.
  • Be savvy in how and when to shop:- acquaint yourself with occasional deals, for example purchase your clothes when season changes (toward the finish of winter purchase winter design dress that is when retail shops dispose of their stocks to clear a path for summer, so toward the finish of summer you buy summer clothes; in that way you purchase things at reasonable prices and it is still great quality clothes that keep going forever
  • Avoid swiping your plastic card:– it is in every case simple and helpful to use our credit, cheque and platinum cards as there no charges when you swipe, right. Be that as it may; we don’t stop to think when we utilize the card, that as much as the money leaves the bank account, it definitely leaves our hands – you wonder what happened to your cash? Or maybe withdraw enough money that is required and you additionally save money on bank charges(it mentally registers the amount you are withdrawing or spending simply keep the receipts, in order to track and follow where the cash went, ready to cover your week after week, everyday costs, for example, transportation, fruits and vegetables, bread and milk; this will enable you to stay away from swiping your card on a spontaneous unplanned purchasing, eg. like a couple of shoes, pants, decent shirt to impress at a gathering or wedding – that was not in the money budget in the first place.
  • Work all together, association there is no reason for attempting to save, for a situation where there’s no conversation inside the family structure(get buy-in in from family, kids, relatives) to pick up help and cooperating; this is a formula for monetary triumph.
  • Check your financial limit and track your cash consistently:– review your budget regularly (keep receipts, update your financial limit as routinely as is conceivable week after week, month to month, quarterly) tracking spending versus income; continue cutting costs, spending less and set aside cash. When you get settled in mastering these money habits, soon you’ll be in a spot where you start building riches and the following step(the central issue) is what you will do with the cash you saved? – perhaps pat yourself on the back, take that long past due get-away you promised(dreamt) for yourself.
  • Change your cash habits, change your way of life, Picture yourself having a clean bill of health, sound bank balance, this is the thing that smokers acknowledge when they quit smoking that they can save between R50,00 – R80,00 each time on a bundle of cigarettes. Envision that signifying a mind-boggling saving every month and much more in a year.
  • Locate your very own appropriate saving tiny sum:– attempt and expect to save a sum every month – generally 10% is what is a sensible beginning, so let just say that your income is R10,000.00 every month, at that point you should save (10%)R1000.00; yet if you feel that it is too much, at that point start with what you can afford to save and take care of, consistently. The well-known saying goes that “it is smarter to begin little than to delay or to never to begin”. When you have settled on a sum, at that point make a stop order from your bank account to enable your cash to be deducted automatically, to an isolated bank account to avoid evade a reason of not saving. Along these lines, start today!

In my next post, I will concentrate on what is investments and kinds of investment vehicles that you can exploit.


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Author and coach Zinzi Mdedetyana hails from South Africa. She is dedicated to inspiring and educating consumers about personal finance management and self improvement. She loves to speak and interact with readers so don't hesitate to comment or contact her.


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    Thank you for such informative tips of saving and investing. I like the idea of paying yourself first as it is was I have been using for many years to make money to invest in myself and I can say it works like a charm.

    Thank you for showing us practical ways to actually save so we can follow.

    • admin


      Hello Thabo, thank you for visiting my page and appreciate the comment, a lot of times consumers think of spending the money first(pay everybody else except themselves) and not have enough to save for themselves. They always complain that it is too difficult to save. However, if you pay and invest in yourself first, atleast you would have avoided a lot of headache & heartache(traps) that causes a lot of unneccesary financial stress. All it takes, is to start, no matter what age or amount and the sustained behaviour will propel the action of saving more for those emergencies.

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