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Credit Report – How to Understand & Protect Your Credit Score (With Your Life)

Credit Report will be our the present dialog and will address the job, obligations, and duties of the Credit Report Agency, what your credit report(profile) means, how to acquire the data, how would you keep it clean and maintain a strategic distance from negative postings, comprehend and protect your own credit score that influences your entrance to credit and helps keep your credit status sound.

β€œYou must tell your money how you want to live, and not any other way or not the other way around” – UNKNOWN

Job, obligations, and duties of the Credit Report Agency

Credit report offices otherwise called Credit Bureaus, for example, Experian, Transunion, Kredit Form, XDS, ITC, Compuscan just to make reference to a couple of well known once and we are dependably educated that there are 13 credit departments presently in presence here in South Africa (I urge you to check your important organization in your nation by means of Google). Our own is altogether directed by the National Credit Regulator(NCR) and among a portion of their obligations and duties is that, they monitor data and report on people and organizations to help credit providers (banks, providers, moneylenders, monetary foundations and organizations, for example, debt collector and debt counselors) to settle on an educated choice on which people and organizations to conduct(do) business with.

Credit Bureaus keep a profile(collect information from banks, credit suppliers, formal and casual foundations) of every dynamic individual who has, for instance, credit/advance/retail accounts, aside from when paying with money. This data contains the advance size; when was the credit taken; installment and non-installment history; just as obligation satisfied and the date thereof.

This information(a record) is refreshed routinely and is made accessible to credit suppliers on solicitation and you likewise approach it. When they need to realize whether to allow you an extension to credit or not and in any event, when you go after a position (this data ought not be utilized as a type of discipline against the individuals who are searching for employment, except if the activity job is explicitly identified with taking care of money related obligations and duties which is reasonable, sensible and justifiable).

Potential credit providers utilize this data to decide that you are so prone to pay back your obligation on schedule. The quality of your rating can affect the giving of credit, getting good installment terms and ideal loan fees to be charged. Could you presently observe the significance and effect of keeping your credit profile clean as a whistle?

The ramifications of your credit record and your score

How does your credit report influence you, the beginning point is this, if people need to make and keep a perfect tiptop shape credit report(history) to secure and constantly improving one’s credit score; recollect, that, this data is an identical representation or an impression of you and it never lies, for example how you lead your own life – your money related issues, how you handle or deal with your own credit and would you be able to be trusted and depended upon in taking care of any obligation or credit size if or when allowed; It is important that you ought to be tireless and secure and watch your own data with your life – never disregard or underestimate it.

No one can really tell when you will require the Lifeline, rather be wary and understanding as opposed to being imprudent, rash and wind up being monetarily worried and extended.

The accompanying advances(quick tips) will help you stay away from negative postings and keep your credit record clean:

  • Survey your credit report normally: It is significant that when dynamic client audits their credit report, they watch that the data showed is right, precise and it mirrors your own insight into how you deal with your credit(finances); so search for blunders, old records that are as yet recorded as active(it must be zero) and different irregularities, for example, being a casualty of fraud or erroneous data that was given by the credit providers.
  • By routinely minding your credit report, it serves the accompanying advantage that your own insight, of how you deal with your own accounts, just as the certainty that anybody assessing your money related undertakings will get precise, exceptional and right data. The National Credit Regulator (NCR) enables consumers to assess their own credit score in a split second, for nothing out of pocket, once a year, from all the credit organizations; anyway we additionally have other acknowledged agencies, for example, Free Credit Score, Credit 4 Life and Transunion that offers this administration for nothing. If you don’t mind looking at them underneath the post.
  • Update your details: If you discover, that, the data on your credit report is in blunder, absent or obsolete then you should find a way to address it, by reaching the credit authority concerned, to fix the slip-ups, so the data can be explored and refreshed with right and exact details.
  • Cover your bills on schedule: By taking care of your payment on time(due dates) will decidedly influence your credit status. Credit providers will happily and eagerly award an individual access to credit, if and just if, convenient installments are reflected on their record of loan repayment; as it reflects and shows mindful individual money related administration of the person under review(evaluation); in truth they all line-up and entice you with a wide range of extravagant and tempting credit extension offering; be cautious except if you truly need it.
  • Negative postings at credit agencies: Being adversely recorded using a credit card department can confine or dispense with your odds of getting access to credit, particularly from careless choices to over-stretch out or not to pay your records on schedule. Therefore making a move and duty will make a monetary position that will place you on favorable terms, to fit the bill for credit when the need emerges.
  • Apply for access to credit: Credit providers are exceptionally improbable to agree to grant people access to credit with flimsy records; getting credit can be an approach to show financial soundness, as you start to pay back the credit mindfully, you will assemble a solid, stable and dependable record of loan repayment, however, be very mindful so as not to over-extend yourself, when you get enticing marketing campaigns promoting efforts that need you to spend, get a voucher or markdown or apply for a loan and pay later.
  • It would be ideal if you remember, that these costs(interests) are charged back for you and result in expanded beginning credit reached out to you and high financing costs and capital paid from thereon. Keep in mind “there is nothing of the sort as FREE LUNCH”- somebody must compensate or has paid.

Take on pre-alerts

An expression of alert, practice Self-control and furthermore don’t fall into the snare of being lured, deceived, baited, from smooth-talking call focus deals specialists or advisors who work for credit providers, who might flatter you into assuming up more praise, that you don’t require at the time – that is an obligation trap-stay away from it. Actually leave it(remember they additionally have focused to meet their targets and they will do anything conceivable and legitimate to get you to assume up acknowledgment that you don’t need and you think twice about it later; when you understand it, it’s as of now past the point of no return and you can’t escape the agreement or the other choice is pay the cashback.

If it’s not too much trouble remember, that, no one should force you into taking up whatever you don’t need. You reserve the right to state “No”. By so doing, leaving, you would have accomplished and satisfied savvy individual money related administration standards and maintain a strategic distance from pointless temptation, despair, and stress. In taking care of your obligation in a dependable way and keeping a positive posting without wanting to go far in being responsible for your very own budgetary adventure, which will help you, in getting a merited, mindful, sensible credit score that you can deal with. You will be pleased with yourself &Β  be happy you did. Playing it safe & fairly, is the initial step to guaranteeing that you accomplish savvy steps to financial freedom.


Acquire your FREE credit report to check your credit score:,,


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Author and coach Zinzi Mdedetyana hails from South Africa. She is dedicated to inspiring and educating consumers about personal finance management and self improvement. She loves to speak and interact with readers so don't hesitate to comment or contact her.


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    There are 3 big credit report agencies here in the US – Equifax, Transunion and Experian. Sometimes getting into debt cannot be avoided. Things happen. But miss a payment and your credit score will go down. The good news that, yes, it is possible to improve your score. Every point here is true. Make your monthly payments. Make sure your report is accurate. The wrong information on your report can mean the difference between getting or not getting a car loan.

    Question: How does a customer change errors on their report? Maybe this is a good idea for a new article.

    • admin


      Thank you Maria, for stopping by and I appreciate your comment. I am glad you raised the idea of a new artcle and I will definitely consider putting out a follow up article to the Credit Report. I can quickly give you a summary,it is important that you should check your credit report regularly, here in South Africa we are lucky that we have websites as mentioned in my post where you can check it for free and if there are errors you can approach the concerned creditor to rectify the error. You can take it up with the concerned credit agency that reported the “negative listing” against your name to rectify it. Obviously they will require some kind of proof that the credit was paid or settled, for example. With us here, in South Africa, it can take from 7- 21 days to rectify the error and if it persists then you are more than welcome to take it up with our National Credit Regulator(NCR -Big Brother). I am not sure in the States if you have such an arrangement like ours here, such as NCR? It would be interesting to find out. Thank you once again. Take care.

  2. Reply

    This website to so professional. I’m sure you are going to help a lot of people. You give all kinds of financial advice and help to people. The design and the images are appealing good Luck

    • admin


      Hey Josephine, thank you for your words of encouragement, it took a lot of work,to get to where it is now, yet there is still some more work to do. Thank you for passing by.

  3. Reply

    Wow this is very professional advice. I wish I knew this advice years back when I had wanted to improve my credit rating for myself.
    The checking your credit rating I did not know you can actually do as a regular person, Is do the credit companies allow you do do this? as in to check your credit?

    Looking forward to your response

    • admin


      Hey Thabo, thank you for passing by and I thank you for the comment. Yes, of course, you can, that is why I gave you those resources, so you can use to check your credit report(profile) and the response is immediate. You will be able to know what your score is. This helps you with your financial health, in case you are looking to pay off some debt or perhaps you want to borrow from the credit providers and do not want to be embarrassed when you approach them. Atleast, you will be confident that you have your financial affairs in order and if not, atleast you will know where & what to fix so that your credit profile is clean.

  4. Reply

    Hi All, I think in SA these are major credit bureaus (Experian, ITC and Compuscan) am subject to correction. However, I find it very important to always visit theses so that you keep yourself updated with regards to your creidt score and your ratings, also experience has taught me that it is important to always pay your debts on time and to notify your creditors should you not be able to pay them. Otherwise, keep up the good work πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ and thanks for sharing the information with us and educating us.

    • admin


      Hello Motsie, thank you for visiting. Yes, you are correct those are popular ones that everybody is familiar with & uses, you can also add Transunion to the list. There are more than the few you know of & have listed, as mentioned in my post. I’m glad that you have already started the journey to managing your finances(by protecting your credit score by paying your debt on time – as I always say you never know when you will need the Lifeline, that is why I created this website to encourage and empower consumers to be savvy about their finances. I wish you well on your journey and I would encourage you to visit more often as I will be writing more posts so that we can walk this journey together to become financially well & free. Please share it on your FB, if you liked this post.

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