Managing your personal finances

The Roadmap to financial wellbeing & Freedom- Budgeting

“A budget is telling your money where to go; instead of wondering where it went”- John C. Maxwell. He is a phenomenal leadership guru who could not have said it better, the budget never leaves you wondering what happened or you try to figure it out what happened, however this road map to financial wellbeing & freedom – budgeting is the answer to our financial problems and there is no way around it or no way to avoid it, if you are serious about improving your financial well being. Today, I will be showing you how to appreciate this wonderful tool and what it can do for you to achieve your own financial freedom.

Get right with your finances

My interest in the budgetary monetary world – What is my cash value?

The comprehension of my interest in the budgetary monetary world – what is my cash’s value. I will walk you through how the administration’s spending choices, inflation, the South African Reserves bank job, your certainty and interest in the economy will have impact on your cash. This as a result is the Economics 101 made simple in a short post that was never instructed in a language that we as a whole get it.